why wyndata?


Wyndata commenced in 1988 and specialises in Loyalty Management, Data Management, Data Entry, Direct Mail, and Email Loyalty services. In essence we are a boutique marketing and direct mail bureau that provides businesses, large and small, with access to specialist experience, attention to detail and a proven commitment to excellence.  



These are statements made by our customers. Contact us now and be involved like them.

Hands on personalised communications bureau services

"Wyndata provides cost effective, high standard service with excellent turnaround and is a very helpful and informative supplier."

Personal involvement rather than factory type mail house approach

"We have been with a major mailing house for some time and whilst they generally perform satisfactorily, we had accepted as normal niggling annoyances with the service they provided, we did not realise how large the contrast in service provided would be when you took over."


Professionalism and efficiency exhibited on behalf of the organisations individual customers

"In particular, I would like to thank you for the prompt turnaround of our orders, most of our orders being filled and mailed to our clients within 24 hours. Our clients are particularly pleased with the efficiency of the service."

Commitment to the organisation's products and clients when attention to detail is paramount

"Suffice to say at this point, that I valued your patience, attention to detail and commitment to a quality product."


Providing enthusiastic attitudes and specialised skills to enhance the customer's project or programme

"Your commitment to delivery of these seminars has been vital to the overall success of the project. Feedback from members, their clients and the general public was consistently positive throughout the duration of the programme."