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To get an idea of what Wyndata can do for you here is an example of data management in action:

We are given this: Hand written visitor or sales register

Wyndata inputs the information into a data capture program and cleans then validates the raw data.

We turn it into this:

Now your client register has been converted into useable data which can help you turn a name and address into a marketable asset.

This could be in the form of the following uncomplicated loyalty programme.


Loyalty Programme


We can take the raw data, add a client ID number and merge the data in a word document, creating a personalised letter welcoming your client/members to the programme.
Your database can be transformed by adding a client ID number.

Next: We could print a plastic membership card for each client/member:

Next: These cards would be attached to a well presented welcome letter then mailed using the new database.

When your client receives the welcome letter they would know they were a valued client in a position to receive extra determined benefits.